In early November, the Austin LAI Chapter hosted the Fall 2019 LEW with grand success. Over 100 attendees traveled from around the globe for the impressive two days of tours culminating with an Awards Banquet. Then President Jim Viviano represented the Atlanta Chapter at the President’s Round Table and the Board of Governors meetings. As the recently elected Global Assistant Scribe, Holly Elmore attended the pre-LEW business meetings as a member of the Global Executive Committee.

Each LEW day began with a presentation on Austin’s economic landscape addressing historical contributions to current successes | challenges. Additionally, work-in-progress to harness the explosive growth with healthy outcomes was addressed and discussed.

During the day, the LEW Group visited prominent sites showcasing Austin’s economic, social conscious, and natural drivers.

It was an empowering visit to Austin. A big THANK YOU to the Austin LAI Chapter for your tremendous time and effort in creating a superb LEW experience.

The IMPACT Magazine article, Austin: growth through redevelopment, gives an overview of the LEW activities; the Ei FB album, Austin Land Economics Weekend, is a pictorial recount of LEW activities through Holly’s lens.

Photo: Austin city skyline from the Shoal Creek Greenbelt; note the Trash Boom located across Shoal Creek mid-image.