Chapter Overview

Established in October 2009, Atlanta is the Southeast and Gulf Region’s first chapter of the esteemed Lamda Alpha International. Like our parent organization, the Atlanta Chapter helps foster the study and implementation of best practices in land economics.

Membership in Lambda Alpha International is an honor. At the cornerstone of this honor is Ely’s maxim, “the law of society is service” – an obligation to provide service to the community by working to find ways to contribute professionally to the enrichment of our planned environment.

The Atlanta chapter represents a vibrant mix of representatives from both the public and private sectors, including academia, the government, developers and owners, land planners, architects, landscape architects—even consultants who perform financial analyses and help market leading-edge ideas in land use.

Our current membership believes passionately in continuing our education, sharing best practices, extending the mission of the organization and, perhaps most important, being an active citizen of our city by participating in projects, panels and industry events, and civic debates that will mold the future of our region.

If shaping the future of our region by helping to influence land use and reuse interests you, please give us a call. We’d be honored to welcome you to our next meeting.