New Member Policy & Procedures

From the Membership Committee
Joan Herron and Leslie Wade

New Member Policies and Procedures

  • The Board of Directors (Officers and Board Members) of each LAI Chapter sets its own policies for identifying potential new members and establishing new member voting procedures.
  • Lambda Alpha International’s criteria for membership specify that nominees have:
    •  Achieved professional distinction with a minimum of ten years of work experience;
    • Made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of land economics; and
    • Distinguished themselves in the community through public service.
  • In addition to having the qualifications required by LAI, we would like to add new members who can add variety and complement our current membership base. Examples include representatives of local, state and national governments, academics, members of not-for-profits, etc.
  • In the near term, the LAI Atlanta Chapter will continue to work towards meeting our goal of adding new members annually. As a result, we suggest local members develop an “elevator speech” that they can use to entice prospective members and create a level of interest in and excitement about LAI.
  • The process we will use this year for identifying potential new members, hosting a new member luncheon, and holding the LAI Atlanta Chapter Initiation ceremony at the end of the year is summarized below.
    • Joan Herron, Membership Committee Chair, and Russ Posey, LAI Atlanta Chapter President, will discuss the LAI Atlanta New Member Process for 2018 at the member luncheon on Tuesday, August 15, 2017.
    • Joan Herron and Leslie Wade will send an e-mail, on behalf of the Membership Committee, the officers and the Board of Directors to the Atlanta Chapter’s existing members at the end of August, requesting they nominate one or more qualified professionals for membership in the LAI Atlanta Chapter in 2018.
    • Each member will be asked to send a return e-mail by Friday, September 22, 2017 to Joan and Leslie, (the Membership Committee), Russ Posey, Chapter President and Jim Viviano, Chapter Vice-President, which includes a completed Nominee for New Membership Form and her or his resume or qualifications. Download the nomination form HERE.
    • They will compile this information into one document and e-mail it to all LAI Atlanta Chapter members for review and discussion during a conference call in September 2017. All members are invited to participate in this conference call. Call-in information will be provided closer to this date.
    • During the conference call, each of the members will be prepared to discuss those they have nominated for membership. Also during this call, we will vote to select qualified, agreed-upon nominees for LAI Atlanta membership in 2018.
    • The prospective member names will then be placed on a ballot and e-mailed to all LAI Atlanta Chapter members for approval. The Membership Committee Chair(s), Chapter President and Vice President will be responsible for this e-mail vote and a follow-up by e-mail which lets members know who the new members will be in 2018.
    • The Chapter President, Vice President, and Membership Committee Co-Chairs will then welcome/notify those who will become LAI members in 2018 and ask that they fill out the New Member form and send a $100 check for the Initiation fee. Notification will be done by letter, e-mail and/or phone call.
    • The new LAI Atlanta Chapter members will be invited to the membership meeting in October 2017. We plan to have a program at this meeting.
    • The Chapter President, Vice President and Membership Committee Chairs will write the honorariums that are on each new LAI member’s certificate. This information will be submitted to Sheila Hamilton, LAI Executive Director, so that she can have each new LAI honoring document made. Sheila is also responsible for entering information about each new member into the LAI database.
    • Sheila Hamilton will mail the box of documents and LAI pins to Russ Posey, the LAI Atlanta President.
    • The Initiation Ceremony for all new LAI Chapter members year will be held on Friday December 1, 2017.
    • The LAI New Member Policies and Procedures and the Nominee Form will be posted on the LAI Atlanta website in the password protected member’s only page.

New Member Nominees

When it is time for each of you to nominate one or more qualified professionals for membership in the LAI Atlanta Chapter in 2018, you will use the LAI Atlanta Nomination Form and return it to Russ Posey, Chapter President, Jim Viviano, Chapter Vice President, Joan Herron, Membership Committee Chair, Leslie Wade, Membership Committee Co-Chair, by Friday, September 22, 2017. Our contact information is below. If you have any questions or wish to discuss, please let us know.

Joan Herron
• Office: (404) 815-7613
• E-mail:

Leslie Wade
• Office: (404) 946-5730
• E-mail:

Russ Posey
• Office: (770) 405-9524
• E-mail:

Jim Viviano
• Office: (404) 994-4126

 Download the 2018 LAI Atlanta Chapter nomination form HERE.