Date: Tuesday, August 15, 2017
Topic: Explosive Growth in the Cumberland Area
Location:  Cobb Chamber of Commerce
Speaker: LAI Member Malaika Rivers, Executive Director Cumberland CID

The Atlanta Braves Announced they were going to move to Cumberland 4 years ago and opened their season in Cumberland this year.

Since that time the Cumberland area has seen $5 billion in public and private investment that includes 9.5 million SF of commercial and residential projects.

08-15-17 Cumberland CID Executive Director Malaika Rivers gave an empowering presentation on the Cumberland area’s explosive growth.

The Cumberland CID has leveraged $1/4 Billion of investment into the community while exceeding a 500% return on that investment.

While those numbers are impressive, those who are familiar with the Cumberland CID are not surprised given the Leadership of Malaika Rivers and the Board. They have made investments in this community over the past 30 years building world-class infrastructure, performing arts center, Conference center, and corporate headquarters not to mention the dramatic increase in living units, retail, and office. All this exist at the intersection on 285 and 75 along 3 miles of national forest and Chattahoochee river shore line just 10 miles north of down town Atlanta.

The Cumberland CID represents over 5% of the state’s economy and 33% of Cumberland’s economy.

What’s next for Cumberland – Two major transportation initiatives are always on the horizon for the CID, Connection to the regions managed lanes P3 project and the development of high capacity transit to Atlanta.  With the Atlanta Braves and associated mixed use entertainment district should compel them to happen sooner than later. Like any massive P3 project Malika informed us these projects take time, persistence, partnerships and a positive community acceptance.

We know she will get it done!


Meeting notes provided by LAI Board Member William J. de St. Aubin, AIA, CEO Sizemoregroup.

The Elemental Impact FB album, Lambda Alpha International, provides a pictorial meeting recap. Malaika’s PPT presentation may be downloaded at this link: