Tim Trefzer is instrumental to Atlanta’s sustainability accomplishments

Home to one of the densest (if not the densest) district of LEED-certified event space in the world, Atlanta is the greenest convention, sports, and entertainment destination in the world. Atlanta’s stellar sustainability commitment is one of the city’s strongest economic drivers.

Atlanta LAI member Tim Trefzer, recently promoted to GWCCA Director of Sustainability and CSR, is instrumental to Atlanta’s impressive sustainability accomplishments. As the Atlanta Super Bowl Host Committee’s Sustainability Committee Chair, Tim orchestrated the most sustainable Super Bowl ever with extensive pre-game events and stellar game-day practices.

The IMPACT Magazine article, Atlanta: sustainability is a strong economic driver, details the GWCCA ‘s prominent role in establishing industry-sustainability standards, showcases the GWCCA impressive sustainability commitment, and explains why the 2019 Super Bowl was the most sustainable ever under Tim’s leadership.